GBA Expands in Germany.

We are very pleased to announce that GBA has grown the family by expanding our services in Germany with the recent purchase of logistics company Mondo on July 19th. We welcome all Mondo’s employees who have now joined us and will complement the current team in Germany by driving growth in Europe’s largest industrial and logistics market and contribute to GBA ‘s 10-year vision. Mondo Logistic was founded in 2001 and has sales of approximately 2 Million € with key activities in the Time Critical segment, mainly by truck. Most of the customers are located at Frankfurt Airport and specialises in the transportation of dangerous goods including explosives, the automotive industry and the textile industry (shop deliveries with Levi’s products).

Mondo has its own fleet with a total of six trucks, from 7.5 to 40 tonne trucks, and they organise the rest via a subcontractor fleet.