Our goal is to reduce our fleet carbon emissions by 50% by 2025.

At GBA we take our responsibilities to mitigate climate change seriously and seek to limit our impact on the natural world and the planet’s future.

As we continue to grow our organisation, we want to ensure that our CO2 emissions do not increase.

Therefore, we are investing in our fleet to reduce carbon emissions from 2021 by 50% by 2025.

Read more about the ways we are achieving this below:

Throughout GBA everyone is invited to become involved in emission reduction awareness workshops, training and discussion groups. Through our Values the GBA family are dedicated to reducing our environmental impacts in enterprising ways.

We track the amount of CO2 we emit from our fleet to measure the positive impact from our investments in more fuel-efficient vehicles and staff training initiatives.

This includes introducing KPIs for GBA’s resource circularity. This will actively encourage reduction of waste, as the whole organisation will be informed of our energy and natural resource consumption.

Investment in our sites to reduce energy consumption and use of natural resources. Where possible we will install renewable energy technology which is also key to our sustainable site operation plan.

In 2021 we implemented a driver development strategy to enhance driver skills and attributes to perform safe and fuel-efficient driving.

This training course is designed to motivate, educate and develop all GBA drivers and in turn help GBA to achieve our responsible business goals by providing driver development, reduce GBA’s environmental impact and increase our profitability.

In addition, GBA are investing to enhance our site capacity in key locations to increase our operational efficiencies.

The purpose of this strategy is to reduce fuel consumption, by reducing wasted kilometres.

GBA are also developing a programme to drive reductions in our Scope 3 emissions, the majority of which are generated from our subcontractor supply chain.

By placing sustainability as a central pillar of our strategy, we will look at every opportunity to build partnerships and drive change towards a shared sustainable future.

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